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City Heights

City Heights is a suburb of San Diego, California. The suburb is located on San Diego’s eastern side and is known for its diverse ethnic population. Within the suburb’s boundaries, you can find quite a bit of restaurants, retail shops, vendors and small businesses. The average age of City Heights residents is fairly young, at twenty-seven years of age. City Heights homes are mostly single family, multi-family, and condos. Average City Heights real estate prices range from the low $300s to the low $700s. City Heights schools are are a combination of public, private and charter.

One of the unique aspects of City Heights is the fact that it is currently undergoing a “renaissance” like period. The goal of city officials and government is to clean up the neighborhood and reduce crime. The suburb is home to multiple ethnic groups, including residents of African, Hispanic and Asian descent.

City Heights restuarants reflect the neighborhood’s ethnic flair. Many restaurants in the area feature ethnic cuisines from all over the globe. You’ll find Korean, Indian, Somalian, Ethiopian and Mexican food to dine on. In addition to a variety of ethnic restaurants, City Heights features a yearly International Village Celebration. The celebration is designed to highlight and celebrate the area’s rich diversity.

The area’s public schools fall under the umbrella of the San Diego Unified School District. City Heights has twelve public elementary schools, three public middle schools and two public high schools. Five charter schools and two private schools also serve the area.

City Heights real estate listings reflect an above average cost of housing, especially given the city’s average median income of $31,255. As part of the government’s attempts to restore the area, a senior housing project was built in the year 2008. The housing project’s aim was to make area housing more affordable.

City Heights is a diverse and culturally rich city within the greater San Diego area. It is currently undergoing major renovation projects, which are designed to reduce crime, improve housing affordability, and highlight the city’s uniqueness. The area is served by the San Diego Unified School District. Most of its housing consists of single and multi-family units and the costs are above the national average.

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