Hillcrest :The Eclectic San Diego You’ve Been Looking For

If you are looking for an exciting life in the midst of the city of San Diego, yet desirous of a quaint beautiful neighborhood, you need to take a look at Hillcrest real estate. This urban San Diego community will not disappoint you. The area is absolutely stunning and there is no lack of things to do here. If you are relocating and looking for a vibrant community in the heart of the city, take a look at the Hillcrest real estate listings.

Hillcrest has been a prominent San Diego neighborhood for over 100 years. Not only has this area been a wonderful neighborhood for over a century, it has been a shopping area for downtown San Diego since the 1920s. As such a long-standing neighborhood in San Diego, Hillcrest homes will not disappoint you. American Craftsman homes are a standard in this area as well as Mid-Century modern apartment buildings. The beautiful architecture along with the tree-lined streets will draw you in.

This is real city living, located just north of the downtown area and in very close proximity to Balboa Park and the Bankers Hill neighborhoods. This area has a business district and shopping area where you will find unique out-of-the-way stores as well as entertainment and a plethora of distinctive food and drink establishments. If you are looking for an area with great fare, Hillcrest restaurants will delight you day after day with excellent new and different options.

If you are looking for an attractive historic neighborhood with a lot of character, Hillcrest may be just the neighborhood for you. Hillcrrest real estate, with its eclectic style, sounds like an area you may just need to look into. With the artistic flair of this locale, you may run into the bungalow you’ve only pictured in your dreams.

Hillcrest schools are a part of the San Diego Unified School District and do well for a big city. Come visit and check out this lively part of the city of San Diego. You will find all the amenities of a fabulous San Diego lifestyle close at hand, whether its the beach or the many beautiful parks and attractions. Check out Hillcrest.

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