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Mosey on over to La Playa, San Diego in California to soak up the sun and eat all of the fresh seafood you could imagine. With prime real estate and excellent schools, everyone will get the best of both worlds. Here are a few reasons why:

La Playa homes

Most La Playa homes range between the 600’s and the one million dollar range. Since it is a prime piece of real estate with clear waters and open sea, it is quite desirable, pushing the home values through the roof. The homes in this area are lavish and well taken care of by the previous residents, and have been thoroughly renovated.

La Playa real estate listings

La Playa real estate is typically expensive and reaching higher, which is buy for many it may be smart to buy now. In a few years, your houses values could double is the home values continue to rise. Just a studio apartment alone is almost 250,000 to buy. This being said, there are a few deals for under 600, however they are skim to come by.

La Playa restuarants

The seafood is abundant and plentiful, and above all, fresh! Almost every place in La Playa will offer some sort of seafood because of the town’s relevance to the sea. You can meander around and settle in at Point Break Café for some American food, or visit the La Playa Taco Shop for some killer Mexican.

La Playa schools

The schools in La Playa are excellent, such as Cabrillo Elementary School. Your youngsters will be able to explore their academics, and hit the beach after their homework is done. The schools in the area are spread out pretty evenly to help with overfilling, so the students are really getting prime educations from the best educators.

Overall, La Playa is a great place to raise a family and life the island life in style. Make sure to use your days off to sun tan at the beach or take a boat out in the bay for a family. Whatever you choose, you will sure be happy that you chose to live in La Playa.

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