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The Growing Neighborhood of Midway

Those looking to move into the San Diego area have a number of different neighborhoods to consider. San Diego is broad with distinct neighborhoods that all provide something new. One emerging neighborhood that is known for it’s unique environment is Midway. The area is predominantly commercial with numerous attraction at every corner. However, there are many residential areas emerging. Midway homes are selling fast due to all that the neighborhood has to offer.

Midway real estate is surrounded by a number of different attractions. There’s shops and restaurants for miles. Midway restuarants offer residents with a diverse selection of cuisine. Residents can opt to go to smaller, family owned eateries or sophisticated fine dining establishments. When it comes to culture, Midway has restaurants that cover the globe. Everything from Mexican to Italian can be found. There’s truly something for everyone, making it easy for residents to find a restaurant that will please their palates.

There are also a few tourist attractions in Midway to keep people entertained. One of the most popular attractions is a tour of the USS Midway Aircraft carrier. Residents and visitors can tour the 927 foot long Naval ship inside an out. Because Midway is located on the waterfront, the Naval aircraft carrier is docked at an accessible location. Anyone can visit the tourist attraction and explore all the ship has to offer.

Midway real estate listings range greatly in price. While Midway has a rich history, it’s residential areas are just beginning to develop. Potential homeowners have a wide range of options, from quaint homes to modern skyscrapers. Those with children can rest assured that Midway provides top notch education. Midway schools are under the jurisdiction of the San Diego City Schools. While older kids would need to go to neighboring communities for their education, Midway contains two elementary schools within the neighborhood’s borders. Furthermore, there’s a San Diego Community College District Campus for adult education.

All in all, Midway is a great place to live. The commercial vibe provides residents with a number of attractions and shops to visit. The residential areas are fairly new. The area is still growing as more and more people realize all that Midway has to offer. With the wide range of Midway real estate possibilities residents can experience the best of big city living and quaint suburbia in a single neighborhood.

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