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Miramar Ranch North real estate is in one of two communities that make up the Scripps Ranch Community which was established in the 1890s and continues to proudly maintain its community motto, “Scripps Ranch – Country Living.” Scripps Ranch is also home to some of the City’s most scenic parks, beautiful community facilities, landscaped neighborhoods, and business centers.

Miramar Ranch North’s most sold property type is Single Family Residence. Approximately 44 percent of the total dwelling units in the community are proposed as single-family detached, while the rest are planned as either small lot single family or multifamily attached units. Almost all Miramar Ranch North homes lie at least partly in the Hillside Review (HR) overlay zone. Proposed developments in this zone are subject to special review as part of the PRD process, to ensure that projected development is sensitive to hillside conditions. Industrial park uses are designated in two areas of the planning area: North Ridge and Mercy.

Together, these sites total approximately 60 acres of industrial development. Miramar Ranch North schools are located within the jurisdiction of the San Diego Unified School District. The District provides public school services from kindergarten through 12th grade. Miramar College in Mira Mesa is especially appropriate for program development oriented to the needs of working persons and residents from Miramar Ranch North. United States International University, a private college, is also situated nearby in Scripps Ranch.

The San Diego Community College District should continue to operate and expand the community college programs and facilities it operates in the north central part of the City. 71 percent white, 15 percent Asian & Pacific Islander, 7.8 percent Hispanic, 3.7 Percent from other races, 2.4 percent African American, and .01 percent American Indian. A couple of Miramar Ranch North restuarants are Yanni’s Bar & Grill and Santorini Island Grill. Yanni’s Bar & Grill serves American and Mediterranean food. Some parks allow alcohol during designated times and in designated areas, while other parks do not. Santorini serves Greek and Mediterranean food. Go online to learn more about Miramar Ranch North real estate listings, restaurants, schools and local attractions.

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