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About Beautiful North Park in San Diego

North Park is located within the city of San Diego. Long ago, in 1893, a man named James Monroe Hartley purchased 40 acres of land to fulfill his dream of growing lemons. This was difficult, simply because water had to be hauled to the grove and poured on the trees by hand which proved to be a long and arduous task. Years went by with the town of San Diego developing and bordering the grove of lemons on all sides. Mr. Hartley lovingly dubbed his part of the town “Hartley’s North Park.”

With an inborn insight of what the lemon grove could be, the older son, Jack Hartley, along with his and brother-in-law William J. Stevens started a North Park real estate firm and built a high rise that became known as the Steven’s Building that’s centered in the heart of North Park. The town has a historical section with buildings of various architectural styles. North Park also has a historical society that provides information about the oldest North Park homes. Street cars ran up and down many streets until 1939.

The town is known for cafes, walk in eating establishments, fine dining restaurants, and is home to many bars and night clubs located along 30th Street and University Avenue. There are theaters, a wonderful Farmer’s Market which made it into the ‘top 40’ in the entire United States. It’s also the sight of a horrific plane crash of Flight 182 with a Cessna plane which occurred in 1978. A memorial plaque honoring the crash victims and crew can be viewed at the San Diego Aerospace Museum. Today North Park real estate is looked at as a home to craftsman cottages along with a diverse group of people interested in the arts, history and culture.

People wanting to stay in this area and live near the beautiful Pacific Ocean look for a Realtor to help them find a great home where children can attend the schools. Their hope is to find affordable homes in the North Park real estate listings. There are many type homes available for sale in this area of San Diego, from condos to single homes, ranging in prices from $300,000 upwards. Naturally, there will also be foreclosure homes at a lesser price and do-it-yourself homes available for investors.

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