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San Carlos

Good Reasons to Make San Carlos Your New Home

San Carlos is commonly noted as a peaceful San Diego neighborhood on the upper end of the socioeconomic scale. Cowles Mountain lies here, and serves as a popular attraction for hikers and sightseers. Aside from this, there are plenty of cool reasons to live in San Carlos.

San Carlos homes

This neighborhood is filled with medium to large, mostly two-story homes. Interestingly, many of the occupants have lived in the homes since they were built. Most of the homes have two-car garages, as well as at least four bedrooms. Homes range from $239,000 to $690,000 in value. See San Carlos real estate listings for selections available now.

San Carlos Real Estate Listings

San Carlos real estate options include a two bedroom, two bath condo for $1,820 a month; a three-bedroom, two bath home for single families at $1,620 a month; or a more modest single family home with two beds, two bathrooms, at $1,246 a month. A townhouse with two bedrooms and one bathroom can get as low as $1,090 a month. There are homes available for a range of needs in the San Carlos neighborhood.

San Carlos restaurants

There are a number of appealing restaurants in the vicinity of San Carlos as well. Mountain Mike’s Pizza has some extravagant choices for hungry pizza lovers, including ham and pineapple, as well as a pizza covered with Louisiana hot sausage. There is Sei Sushi, for those who like to go a little exotic. Other noteworthy eateries include Lake Murray Café, which serves just about everything American, and Antica Trattoria for fine Italian food.

San Carlos schools

Schools open to the San Carlos area include multiple elementary and middle schools, along with one main high school. The four elementary schools are Green Elementary, Dalliard Elementary, Gage Elementary, and Benchley/Weinburger. The two middle schools are Pershing, and Lewis, and the high school is called Patrick Henry high. Students have a number of options leading up to high school, which holds 2,500 students, and was considered one of the top high schools in the nation in 2000 and 2003.

If you are going to be living in the San Diego area, San Carlos is an affordable, attractive environment to consider. The homes are nice, and accessible for a range of incomes; restaurant options abound, and there are good school options for any children in the home.

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