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The Best Reasons to Love Historic San Ysidro, California

Whether you are visiting San Diego, California or want to make a home in the area, make sure to visit San Ysidro. Located just north of the U.S.- Mexican border, the district is known as the gateway to the Americas because it includes a border crossing used by millions. New residents are often drawn to the area in order to enjoy:

Quick Access to San Diego and Mexican Attractions

Located at the southernmost part of San Diego, San Ysidro offers visitors and residents fast access to hundreds of attractions. Many buy San Ysidro homes from experts such as Reef Point Real Estate, and then work and play in nearby metropolitan areas. They are only a day trip away from an exciting nightlife, beaches, city shopping, and sports arenas. Since they are located at a border, they are also only hours away from Mexico’s attractions.

Perfect Year-Round Weather

The area’s temperate climate is one of the things that keep the San Ysidro real estate market humming. Winter temperatures are mild and summers are comfortable, making it a year-round playground. As a result, thousands of potential buyers are always searching San Ysidro real estate listings.

A Rich History

Originally started as a farming commune, San Ysidro eventually morphed into the world’s biggest entry port. Many historic buildings that were designed during years of expansion are still standing. The U.S. Customs House built in 1933 remains and a 1924 historic library operates today. Elegant original churches, an original hardware and feed store, and prominent hotels add to the region’s rich history.

A Vibrant Community

Area residents enjoy something of a small-town sense of community combined with big city advantages. San San Ysidro restuarants offer authentic Mexican fare, fine dining, Chinese food, fast food, and more. The San Ysidro Ranch is a beautiful, sought-after venue for weddings and other events, and provides a range of dining options. Newcomers are also impressed with San Ysidro schools, community events and services, and the range of comfortable guest accommodations.

Thousands of visitors flock to San Ysidro, California, to enjoy its beautiful weather, rich history, and access to the U.S.-Mexican border. San Ysidro real estate business is brisk because many visitors buy homes in the area, in order to enjoy community benefits in a beautiful setting.

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